The "Bird's Nest" in Plants- Natural Snow Swallows
It is a natural supplement, a green nutritious food, and has also become a "bird's nest" in plants. Snow swallow is a plant curd, the main ingredients are plant gums and amino acids, which are very suitable for human body absorption. Without any post-processing, it is really natural and healthy.

Snow Swallows Details:

  Snow swallows are actually plant pith secretions from the plant Gum Tragacanth. Snow swallows are not secreted by the bark layer, but by the wood pith of the snow swallow tree, just like the difference between human bone marrow and blood. The production of woo When it is first secreted, the snow swallow is white and transparent. When it is oxidized in water, the color deepen to form red, black, brown snow swallow; and blown by the wind, it is easy to adhere to dust, bark and other impurities. Snow swallows secretes a sour taste, which is a natural acidic smell. It is a non-chemically processed product. If there is no sour taste, it may be fake.


   The consumption of Snow swallows is beneficial to the brain, heart, kidneys and blood vessels, and is a precious and precious medicine.


a. Bag, box, bulk, gift packing, vacuum pack

b. Small bags: 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, etc

c. Bulk packaging: 10-25kg per carton lined with food grade plastic bag

Other kinds of packaging as per customer's request

Deliverya.Small order: by DHL, EMS express

b.Bulk: by sea or air


1. Why are there black spots and spots on Snow swallows?

Snow swallows grow naturally without manual intervention, so there may be bark and branches mixed in during the growth, but it is very convenient to wash after soaking.

2. Why are some Snow Swallows big and some Snow Swallows small?

Snow swallows grow naturally without human intervention, so they cannot determine the size.

3. Why does Snow swallows have a sour taste, but I found it has no taste after soaking?

Dry Snow swallows has a sour taste, naturally without additives. It is recommended that you stew peach gum, saponin rice, snow swallow, white fungus, red dates, longan, wolfberry, small yellow rock sugar or brown sugar together.